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Boeremeisie Decor

Boeremeisie Decor is located in the
Garden Route in one of our countries
most beautiful cities George.
We have a passion to create and live out our passion
we manufacture good quality handmade products.
We design unique linen and Curtains from our unique designs.
We supply and manufacture to the public,
wholesalers, Guest houses, lodges and Game farms.
We can also do your own unique Logo on your items
please contact us for more information.

We do Dye Sublimation Printing that means we can print any
high quality photo.
We also print Roll to Roll and we also sell Fabric per meter.
For more information contact Elaine 082 493 2530


Most garment and product manufacturers utilize print processes that are harmful to the printers and the environment. At Boeremeisie Decor, we use dye sublimation to provide our customers with the brightest and clearest prints and graphics in the industry. Since dye sublimation utilizes ecologically friendly water-based dye inks and heat, the result is a vibrant, long-lasting graphic that stands up to wash and wear.


While the term is unfamiliar to many, the process of dye sublimation is time-tested. Originally developed in 1956, this printing technique uses high heat (usually around 375°F or 180°C to 120°C) to convert the water-suspended ink dye into a gas. This brightly colored, superheated gas then permeates the fibers of the fabric being printed on; once the gas solidifies, the extraordinarily vibrant color is permanent. The print graphic is now a literal part of the garment or other printable items, meaning the image and color will never fade no matter how many times it’s washed.


Want a photo-quality print graphic with true, continuous tones that will never blur or fade? Then dye sublimation is the ideal process. Digital textile printing using Boeremeisie Decor  expert dye sublimation creates crisp lines, true-to-life shades, and the greenest, safest way to make any design pop.


Dye sublimation works best on polyester or other long-wearing synthetic fabrics. The stain-resistant nature of polyester means that only the dye sublimation experts at Boeremeisie Decor  can guarantee a brilliant graphic. In fact, dye sublimation, which disperses the dye, is the only process that can color polyester and other synthetic fabrics. The flexibility of the polyester fabric and other synthetic fabrics leads to a variety of options: from aprons to bedding any Home decor fabric items to t-shirts, clothing  and more, Boeremeisie Decor  can perfectly replicate your graphic design in dazzling color.